Town Tavern

February 20th, 2010

Everything was going according to plans; I crossed the border with more trepidation than necessary, my flight was on time and without delay and make baggage was on the turnstile before I even got to it. My journey began without a hitch, contrary to many cross country aerial experiences. My doorman **** ***** had agreed to pick me up at the airport, and it was that moment wherein we would we would say a strange hello after months of facebook-ing and solitary memories of one face-to-face evening that I was anxious for. When he didn't show, I called him only to discover that the car he had planned on renting was no longer available and that he had been trying to reach me, albeit unsuccessfully. Relieved at this unfortunate/fortunate turn of events, I took a cab from JFK Airport to Manhattan, retracing the familiar drive previously taken in my December departure. Forty minutes later, I was in the downtown apartment where I would be staying, dropping off my luggage, doing a final once-over ( more than a few times) and on my way out.
My doorman and I agreed to meet on 6th, Avenue of the Americas and travel to Town Tavern together. Typically I got a little lost, or rather, distracted because of my anxiety for my meeting and the excitement of being in New York. And then I saw him, searching for me and looking more than better from what I remembered. Excited and surprised my attraction to him, we said "hello!" and embraces with more comfort than expected. He handed me a black "I heart NY" tote- a welcome package complete with a map of the city, a $20 Metro card, a book entitled "The Mastery of Love" ( part two of the previously recommended "The Four Agreements"), and an "Acting for Dummies" handbook. Right. This is why I liked this person whose goodness and sincerity carried through his words and into reality, a stranger more thoughtful and perceptive than some of those most close to me.
We walked while exchanging niceties and the, "wow this is weird," revelations, as well as the who's who lowdown as we approached the bar. And then, we were there and I was in his world, surrounded by his people in his element. It was fantastically strange and a wonderful precursor to things that were to come.

Do you know what Beer Pong is? I had never heard of it until the BP Tournament invite came to me via FB and subsequently through viewing various games posted on YouTube. It is a drunkards version of ping-pong- sans paddles and a net, with a pool-racked assortment of plastic cups half-filled with beer. The objective is to land the ball in the opponents cups, which results in their having to drink from them ( i.e. get them more drunk first), until there are no more cups left. The rules are simple and the game is fun to watch, especially when there are only a few cups left and confidence is high even though sight might be blurred. I wish I could say that I threw the winning toss, but alas no. The Irish car bombs ( a shot of Jameson in a pint of Guinness) may have prevented my ability to do so. I have since however, picked up a few tips. The game is strangely popular and a staple at many of the bars and events that I have been to.

The bar itself is typical, complete with a menu that serves sliders (mini burgers!) and delicious American cheese-filled hash browns. Delish. The bartenders are great too:)

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